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Set Up Remote Play on Steam Deck

This section covers how to set up PlayStation Remote Play (using Chiaki) on Steam Deck. It covers installing the chiaki4deck package, configuring an automatic (scripted) launch, and adding chiaki4deck to Game Mode with icons and a custom controller configuration to boot. Please switch into Desktop Mode for this process.

Open This Documentation on Your Steam Deck for Easy Copy/Pasting

If you open this documentation in a web browser on your Steam Deck (such as using the Firefox flatpak), you can easily copy and paste commands by clicking the copy icon to the right of each command (appears when hovering over the right end of a code box):


and pasting with Ctrl+V or right-click->paste in regular windows and Ctrl+Shift+V or right-click->paste in konsole windows.

Switching into Desktop Mode
  1. Hit the Steam button on your Steam Deck

  2. Navigate to the Power section on the menu

    Steam Menu Power

  3. Choose Switch to Desktop

    Switch to Desktop

Navigating Desktop Mode

This install requires entering into Desktop Mode. Please connect the following to your Steam Deck:

  • external keyboard (You can use Steam + X to bring up and use the virtual keyboard and make liberal use of copy/paste if you really need to, but it is a much worse experience)
  • external mouse (can use the touchpad/trackpads on the device instead)

  • external monitor (can use the native Steam Deck screen instead)

Last update: January 5, 2023
Created: September 1, 2022