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chiaki4deck Updates

This section covers the updates to Chiaki in chiaki4deck. Information about each release and how to update is in the Releases Section. Updates that are currently done (implemented) are listed in the Done section along with details, while updates that are planned for the future are listed in the Planned section.

Why These Updates?

I started by simply choosing to update things that would give me a better experience with Chiaki on my Steam Deck. I have also begun incorporating suggestions from users of chiaki4deck via chiaki4deck's GitHub issues page (both issues created by GitHub users as well as issues from Reddit users that I created for them in GitHub for tracking). Given the current state of the Chiaki project (maintenance mode), I'm not sure if all of these changes will be accepted upstream. However, so far several changes included here (some by Street Pea and some by Johannes Baiter) have been merged upstream (though are not part of the official flatpak yet since a new release has not been cut). These are marked appropriately in the done section with the relevant footnotes. I will also continue sending patches upstream for my Chiaki updates. I have created chiaki4deck as a means to distribute these changes to others using the Steam Deck as well as others wanting to add additional beneficial features on top of mine. Currently, I am aiming to make chiaki4deck work for all traditional Chiaki users (may not benefit other users as much as Steam Deck users, but wouldn't be bad for those users either).

Last update: January 5, 2023
Created: September 1, 2022